Stop Lightning before it Strikes- with the CMCE series of Lightning suppressors.

  • Protect People, Buildings, Assets, and Critical Infrastructure
  • The CMCE has been deployed successfully for 17 years in 23 countries
  • 100% success rate for properly installed and maintained units     
  • High profile list of installed locations, such as the Panama Canal, NOAA, and key energy companies

Lightning in brief:

As a storm builds, powerful charges naturally form in the base of the cloud. These charges activates opposite charges on the surface of the earth below.  As the charges in the clouds grow, they attempt to interact with objects below like structures, towers, people and the ground itself to balance its load. When the two energy fields connect, lightning forms.

How the CMCE suppresses lightning:

The CMCE works like a capacitor and collects the charges from the surface of the earth. Then through a ground wire, the CMCE off loads the collected charges and send them back to below the earth. This action disrupts the connection of the clouds’ energy and forms a protected area.

The science behind the CMCE inhibits the formation of lightning and camouflages structures in the protected area from passing storms.

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